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Tyson Fury's New Baby Name

What Is Tyson Fury’s New Baby Name? Unraveling the Unusual Names of His Six Children

Paris Fury and Tyson Fury have joyfully welcomed their seventh child, a baby boy, on September 18, 2023, at 2:29 AM, in the private Lancaster Hospital. Their newest addition weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces.

This growing family already includes six other children: Venezuela, Prince John James, Prince Tyson II, Valencia Amber, Prince Adonis Amaziah, and Athena. Paris shared the heartwarming news on her Instagram account, posting an image of their newborn son wrapped in a white blanket. She expressed her happiness in the caption, saying, “Our hearts are overflowing with love for our precious new baby boy! He’s a wonderful addition to our family, and we’re deeply grateful for him.”

Tyson also took to Instagram to share the joyous occasion, writing, “Our seventh child has arrived! We’re blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy. Our love for him knows no bounds.”

Tyson Fury's New Baby Name

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@parisfury1

As of now, the couple has chosen to keep their son’s name a secret.

Paris and Tyson Fury have been happily married since 2008, a love story that began when they were teenagers and has continued to blossom over the years.

Paris is renowned as a television personality and author, having starred in her reality show, “At Home with the Furys,” and authored a book that delves into her life alongside Tyson.

Tyson, on the other hand, is a legendary world heavyweight boxing champion, widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers in history.

The Fury family calls Morecambe, England, their home.

Join us in extending warm congratulations to Paris and Tyson on the arrival of their precious baby boy!

Additional Details:

  • Paris gave birth to her son at 2:29 AM on September 18, 2023, and he weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces.
  • The couple has chosen not to disclose their son’s name at this time.
  • Paris and Tyson are now the parents of seven children: Venezuela, Prince John James, Prince Tyson II, Valencia Amber, Prince Adonis Amaziah, Athena, and their newest addition.
  • The Fury family resides in Morecambe, England.

Tyson Fury, the long-reigning Heavyweight champion of the world, is now stepping into a new role as the star of a Netflix reality TV show “At Home with the Furys” premiered on August 16, 2023. This series offers a glimpse into Fury’s life, including his experiences with family, mental health challenges, retirement from boxing, and the everyday adventures shared with his wife, Paris Fury.

While the show has had its share of surprising moments, one aspect that has captured viewers’ attention is the unique names of Tyson Fury’s children, some of which he claims came to him in a dream.

So, who are Tyson Fury’s children, and what are their distinctive names? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Tyson Fury’s children named? Tyson and Paris Fury are soon to become parents to seven children, with the latest addition expected in September 2023.

Their eldest daughter, Venezuela, was born on September 27, 2009, making her 13 years old. During the show, Venezuela shared that she has a good relationship with her father, although she described him as “very strict.” She recounted a recent incident when Fury disapproved of her wearing makeup and dressing up, saying, “Strict parents raise sneaky kids.”

The youngest member of the Fury family, Athena, faced a challenging start as she was born in the intensive care unit on August 8, 2021.

Continuing with the geographical theme, the couple also has a five-year-old daughter named Valencia. Tyson Fury revealed that he came up with these unique names during a dream.

Explaining his naming choices, Tyson said, “One night, while I was sleeping, I thought of Venezuela. My wife is called Paris. I’m Tyson, and [pointing to his son] he’s called Prince John James. If the girl had a normal name, it wouldn’t fit in, would it? I wanted to call the boy Patrick, but the wife didn’t want it.”

Why are three of his children named Prince? Perhaps the most surprising revelation for viewers is that all three of Tyson Fury’s sons share the name Prince. This naming tradition began in 2011 with the birth of Prince John James, followed by another Prince, named Tyson II, in 2016, and the youngest, Adonis Amaziah, in 2019.

Tyson Fury explained his reasoning in a 2020 documentary, saying, “I’m a king, and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@parisfury1

On March 23, 2023, Tyson and Paris excitedly announced that they were expecting their seventh child together. Tyson shared a photo on his Instagram Story, captioning it, “I get to have a date night with my beautiful pregnant wife @ParisFury1. God is great!” Molly Mae, a Love Island star and Tyson’s sister-in-law, who is married to Tommy Fury, expressed her happiness, commenting, “What a blessing. So happy for you both.”

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