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easter inspired baby names 2024

40 Easter-Inspired Baby Names for Your Little Bunny 🐰

Easter inspired baby names become particularly meaningful as the Easter holidays 2024 approach, with the families around the world prepare to celebrate with joyous traditions, from Easter Sunday services to delightful Easter dinner ideas. In this season of renewal, which commemorates Good Friday and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, many parents-to-be feel inspired to choose a name for their newborn that reflects the hope and rebirth inherent in Easter. If you’re expecting a little one around the Easter break 2024 and are searching for the perfect name, our Easter inspired baby name generator, akin to a baby name genie, offers a collection of names imbued with the spirit of the season.

Easter, a time of renewal and celebration, has long inspired parents in the naming of their newborns. This springtime holiday, rich in religious tradition and cultural festivities, offers a plethora of beautiful and meaningful names for baby girls and boys alike. From names that echo the rebirth of nature to those that honor the resurrection story, the options are as vibrant and varied as Easter itself. In this blog, we delve into 60 baskets full of Easter inspired baby names that might just be perfect for your little bunny.

What is Easter and the Meaning behind Easter Inspired Baby Names 🌷

Easter is a very special time of the year when people all around the world celebrate new beginnings and the feeling of hope. Imagine the first day of spring when flowers start to bloom, and everything feels fresh and new; Easter has a similar feeling of starting anew.

A long time ago, it was created to celebrate a very important event for many people who follow the Christian religion. They believe it’s the day Jesus Christ came back to life after being gone for three days, showing that love and life are the most powerful things in the world.

Not just Christians, though! People from all sorts of places and with different beliefs enjoy Easter. They might not all think about it for the same reasons, but many love to join in the fun. It’s a bit like how people celebrate the New Year even if they have different traditions.

During Easter, many families have special gatherings, share meals, and children like you might go on Easter egg hunts, where you search for eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. These eggs are special because they symbolize life and new beginnings, just like the flowers blooming in spring. And speaking of new beginnings, some parents even look for “Easter inspired baby names” for their newborns, choosing names that bring the joy and hope of Easter into their lives.

So, no matter where you are in the world, Easter is a time when we think about hope, love, and the joy of life starting anew. It’s a time for being with family, enjoying the beauty of spring, having fun with Easter egg hunts and yummy chocolate bunnies, and maybe even thinking about beautiful names for new babies that remind us of this wonderful season.

Easter is a season of joy, renewal, and life, celebrated worldwide with various customs and traditions. It’s a time that symbolizes hope, rebirth, and the triumph of life over death, themes that are beautifully reflected in the names chosen for children born around this time. Easter inspired baby names often carry deep meanings, rooted in the spirituality of the holiday or the freshness of spring. These names can offer a lifetime of inspiration and a strong connection to a time of year that celebrates new beginnings and miraculous events.

Baby names inspired by Easter encompass a wide range of beautiful, meaningful choices that reflect the themes of rebirth, renewal, and joy. Here are some interesting facts about Easter inspired baby names:

easter inspired baby names 2024

Just like Easter, babies remind us that every day is a chance for new beginnings and endless giggles. Pure joy in the tiniest packages!

Baby Naming Genie

  1. Biblical Origins: Many Easter-inspired names come from biblical figures associated with the Easter story, such as Mary (the mother of Jesus), John (John the Baptist), and Peter (one of Jesus’ apostles). These names have been popular for centuries due to their deep historical and religious significance.
  2. Symbols of Renewal: Names that signify new beginnings or rebirth are popular for babies born around Easter. For example, names like Anastasia (meaning “resurrection”) and Renata (meaning “reborn”) directly reflect the theme of renewal.
  3. Nature-Inspired: Easter marks the beginning of spring in many parts of the world, making nature-inspired names especially fitting. Names like Lily (after the Easter lily, a symbol of purity and joy), Willow (signifying growth and renewal), and Dawn (representing the start of a new day) are popular choices. There’s a whole world of names waiting for you! Click here for more natured-inspired names.
  4. Names That Mean Joy and Light: Easter is a celebration of joy and the triumph of light over darkness. Names like Allegra (meaning “joyful” in Italian), Felix (meaning “happy” or “fortunate” in Latin), and Lucy or Lucian (derived from Latin for “light”) reflect the happiness and light associated with Easter.
  5. Non-Traditional Sources: Beyond biblical and traditional Christian names, some parents opt for names inspired by Easter-related symbols and customs from various cultures. For example, names like Pascal (derived from Paschal, meaning “relating to Easter” in Latin) or Aviva (a Hebrew name meaning “springlike, fresh, dewy”).
  6. Cross-Cultural Appeal: Easter-inspired names can vary widely across different cultures, each adding its unique spin on names that celebrate life, resurrection, and new beginnings. For instance, Haru (meaning “spring” in Japanese) or Zara (meaning “princess” or “flower” in Arabic) can also reflect the spirit of Easter while providing a nod to cultural heritage.
  7. Popularity Trends: The popularity of Easter-inspired names can fluctuate with trends in naming, cultural shifts, and the influence of popular media. Some names have seen a resurgence in popularity due to their classic appeal and deep-rooted meanings.

20 🐰 Easter Inspired Baby Girl Names

easter inspired girl baby names
  1. Lily – Symbolizing purity and resurrection, the lily is a quintessential Easter flower.
  2. Dawn – Reflecting the new beginnings that Easter represents.
  3. Eva – Meaning “life,” a nod to the new life themes of Easter.
  4. Grace – Signifying the grace and renewal of the Easter season.
  5. Allegra – Meaning “joyful,” perfect for the happiness of Easter.
  6. Aurora – Embodying the dawn and the luminous start to Easter day.
  7. Miriam – An ancient name with biblical resonance, celebrating the holiday’s religious roots.
  8. Olivia – Meaning “olive,” symbolizing peace and rebirth.
  9. Zoe: Greek for “life,” reflecting Easter’s celebration of new beginnings.
  10. Hope: A virtue name that perfectly captures the spirit of Easter.
  11. Angelina: Meaning “angel,” for the messengers of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  12. Esther: Reflecting the themes of deliverance and celebration, akin to Easter.
  13. Ava – Means “life,” reflecting the renewal themes of Easter.
  14. Chloe – Represents “blooming” or “fertility,” echoing spring’s arrival.
  15. Daisy – A spring flower, symbolizing purity and new beginnings.
  16. Faith – Signifies trust and belief, resonating with Easter’s spiritual significance.
  17. Gloria – Means “glory,” reflecting the glory of the Easter celebration.
  18. Iris – Named after the flower, symbolizing communication and messages, like the messages of hope Easter brings.
  19. Joy – Represents the happiness and jubilation of the Easter season.
  20. Keren – Means “ray of light,” symbolizing hope and renewal.

20 🐰Easter Inspired Baby Boy Names

easter inspired boy baby names
  1. Asher – Meaning “happy” or “blessed,” resonating with the joy of Easter.
  2. Renew – Inspired by the season of renewal and rebirth.
  3. Maxwell – Meaning “great spring,” perfect for a child born in the season of renewal.
  4. Pascal – Directly related to Easter, meaning “related to Easter” in Latin.
  5. Felix – Signifying “happy” or “fortunate,” embodying the joyous nature of the holiday.
  6. Jasper – Derived from the Persian for “treasurer,” Jasper is also a gemstone, symbolizing protection and peace.
  7. Gabriel – In biblical tradition, Gabriel is an angel who delivers messages of hope and joy, fitting for Easter.
  8. Julian – Meaning “youthful” or “downy,” indicative of the fresh start and innocence of Easter.
  9. Levi – Meaning “joined in harmony,” reflecting the gatherings and unity during Easter celebrations.
  10. Noah – Signifying “rest” and “comfort,” and the promise of new beginnings, akin to the Easter story.
  11. Simon – After Simon of Cyrene, who helped Jesus carry the cross on Good Friday.
  12. Peter – A disciple of Jesus Christ, whose name means “rock” and signifies strength and faith.
  13. Joseph – Honoring Joseph of Arimathea, who provided the tomb for Jesus’s burial.
  14. Matthew – Signifying “gift of God,” a fitting tribute to the joy of Easter Sunday.
  15. Andrew – Means “strong and manly,” symbolizing strength and renewal.
  16. Bradley – Represents a broad meadow, signifying growth and new life.
  17. Caleb – Means “faithful,” resonating with the faith aspect of Easter.
  18. David – Signifies “beloved,” reflecting the love celebrated during Easter.
  19. Ethan – Stands for “strong,” “firm,” or “enduring,” echoing the enduring hope of Easter.
  20. Henry – Means “ruler of the household,” symbolizing leadership and new beginnings.

Easter 2023 and Beyond: Celebrating New Life

easter inspired baby names 2024

As we approach Easter 2023 and look ahead to Easter 2024, these celebrations offer a time to reflect on new beginnings, not only through Easter dinner ideas or Easter brunch ideas but also in choosing a meaningful name for your child. Whether you’re inspired by the solemnity of Good Friday or the joyous resurrection on Easter Sunday, each name carries with it a story of hope and renewal.

Innovations in Naming: Our Free AI Baby Name Generator 

Gone are the days of paging through baby naming books. As we embrace Easter 2024, our AI baby name genie offers a simplistic approach to finding the perfect name. Think of it as your personal baby naming genie, ready to conjure names that blend tradition with the personal significance of Easter.

Facts & Trivia About Easter and Babies

Easter Babies: In many cultures, babies born on or around Easter are considered to be especially fortunate and blessed.

Spring Births: Historically, spring births symbolize new life and beginnings, mirroring nature’s awakening.

Easter Eggs and Babies: Easter eggs are a symbol of new life and rebirth, paralleling the journey of pregnancy and the arrival of a new baby.


Are Easter inspired baby names popular all year round?

A: Yes, while they gain more popularity around the holiday, these names are timeless and carry significant meanings that appeal to parents regardless of the season.

Q: When is Easter?

A: Easter dates vary each year, falling on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. For example, in 2023, Easter Sunday is observed on April 9th. For Easter 2024, the celebration will take place on March 31st, marking a time of joy and renewal for families around the world.

Q: When do Easter holidays start in 2024?

A: The Easter holidays typically begin with Good Friday, which precedes Easter Sunday. In 2024, Good Friday will fall on March 29th, initiating the Easter weekend and the associated holiday period, which can extend into a week or two for schools and various institutions, offering a time for family gatherings and celebrations.

Q: Can Easter inspired baby names be used for any gender?

A: Absolutely! Many Easter inspired baby names are versatile and can be chosen based on the meaning and significance they hold for the family.

Q: How do I choose the perfect Easter inspired baby name?

A: Consider the meaning behind the name, how it sounds with your last name, and any family or cultural traditions you might want to honor. Easter-inspired names often have deep roots in history, spirituality, and nature, offering a wide range of beautiful choices.

Q: What are some Easter gifts for babies in the UK?

A: Easter gifts for babies in the UK can range from traditional to modern, all embodying the spirit of the season. Popular choices include personalized Easter-themed storybooks, soft plush bunnies, baby’s first Easter outfits, and non-chocolate gifts like wooden toys shaped like Easter eggs or animals. These gifts celebrate the occasion, offering memorable keepsakes for the youngest family members.

Q: What are some of the most popular Easter inspired baby names in 2023?

A: In 2023, many parents are gravitating towards names that reflect the themes of hope, renewal, and joy associated with Easter. Some of the most popular Easter-inspired baby names include:


Lily, Ava,Grace,Daisy & Zoe


Asher, Leo, Maxwell,Jasper & Elijah 

Q: Are there any considerations for naming twins with Easter inspired baby names?

A: For twins, you might consider names that complement each other in meaning or sound. Pairing names like “Dawn” and “Aurora” or “Asher” and “Felix” can create a harmonious and meaningful set.

Choosing a name for your child is a profound and joyous journey. Easter inspired baby names, rich in meaning and history, offer a beautiful way to connect your child to the themes of renewal, hope, and joy. Whether you’re drawn to the spiritual significance or the beauty of spring that Easter embodies, there’s a name on this list that will resonate with your family’s story.Happy naming!

For more inspiration, consider exploring our articles on Spring-Themed Baby Names and Biblical Names and Their Meanings.

easter inspired baby names - easter facts
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